Electronics finally rewired

About 8 hours across two days in 100+ degree heat and 95% humidity is all it took. I installed the Garmin 19x HVS (high speed GPS receiver that can give up to 10 position updates per second). One cool thing about it is that it comes with a special bracket designed to mount it to the ceiling below the deck. I wanted to make sure no one would hit their head on it or drag a sail across it, so I mounted it in the closet, where its out of the way below deck and forward enough that no one will be sitting on top of it above deck (its 4 feet forward of the mast).

Five hours rewiring my electronics, and still not done!

I added a buch of new features to the RP4N / Race Box and wanted to test them on my actual boat, as opposed to the workbench. So, I needed to change how the chart plotter talkes to the Nexus server. Also, I bought that new Standard Horizon VHF radio to replace the broken Uniden, and it needed to be connected to the chart plotter. That was important, because after five minutes of no position data, it emits a deafening, horrid alarm that has to be manually silenced. It then repeats that annoying behavior every two hours, and it can not be disabled.

MDR Whip absolutely sucks!

When I was down at Defender buying blocks, I also picked up a bottle of MDR Whip End Dip. This is just another brand of liquid line whip. I wanted to shorten the line to the spinnaker pole downhaul since the crew has been complaining that its too long.

The new outhaul is in!

If only every project would go this well, Helios would now be in pristine condition! I really don't think this project could have gone much better. On Tuesday, I went down to New England Yacht Rigging with my nifty diagram. I wanted Charlie, the rigger, to make up the lines specified in the diagram. I had a good idea what I wanted but I needed to see what was on hand and what he thought.

Outhaul design final

Okay, its decided and detailed in the attached PDF. It will be a cascade with an overall purchase of 8:1, a 4:1 inside the boom then an additional 2:1 at the end and outside of the boom. For 9 inches of clew movement, 36 inches of outhaul adjustment are required.

I'll be running it out the bottom of the boom, down the mast step on the deck, then aft through a line clutch. If people want to use a winch on it, the can (as long as they go slowly).

Charlie at New England Yacht Rigging is doing it today and it will be ready to install tomorrow. Won't that be fun!!!

EGYC Annual Regatta

Coming up on July 13th! Still need 1 or 2 more crew members. Awesome party after the race!

Course Boards

Every Tuesday night, we write down the course on a clip board and mostly remember it. The clip board bangs all around the cockpit or if we leave it below, all over everywhere. If we need it, its never around. Last Tuesday, the RC set a course with something like 9 marks. What a pain! I know many people just write the course on their gel coat, but I am reluctant to do that.

More on the jammed outhaul

I went down to the boat, took the sail off the boom and did some measuring and inspecting. There are two possible attachment points for the forward block of the existing outhaul. There is a bolt which goes through the boom to mount a bail for the boom vang. This is 78 inches forward of the end of the boom. Then there is a bolt passing through the boom further forward, at about 112 inches from the aft end of the boom. This bolt has no apparent purpose, so my guess is that this is the mount.

Outhaul sadness

Every time we sail in heavy air, crew members have trouble bringing in the mainsail clue outhaul to flatten the main sail. I finally decided to do something about it. Foolish me! I did some research and figured I would put a 5:1 purchase inside the boom. Today, I went down to have a look inside the boom. Easier said than done.

No racing this week.

It's july 4th week break, so no Tuesday or Wednesday races.

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